sábado, 25 de mayo de 2013

FRASES de Sandra Dodd.

Because my children learned to read without having been taught, they have no doubt whatsoever that they could learn anything else. Few things are as important or as complex as reading, yet they figured it out and enjoyed doing it. If I thought I had taught them, they too would think I taught them, and they would be waiting for me to teach them something else.  (Sandra Dodd)

If kids get things *instead* of attention, then things take the place of love. But things don't fill that spot. So they keep asking for more appearing ungrateful and greedy. But what they really are is empty. (Sandra Dodd)

Why can't the mom read to the child?
No child can learn to read before she's capable, and there are many things that need to be in place before reading can happen.
No child can keep from reading once all those skills are developed, *unless* she's been pressured and wasn't ready and has been told or decided she's "a non-reader."  (Sandra Dodd)

All the learning takes place inside the learner. None can be inserted by a teacher. (Sandra Dodd)

And my kids who did NOT have ten to thirteen years of school math learned all of that in a course or two at the community college. Ten years worth of school math in two sessions a week for sixteen weeks or so.

But ten years of theatre or art or music could NEVER, not in any way, be shoved into one semester.  (Sandra Dodd).

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