domingo, 20 de mayo de 2012

The Daily Groove - Scott Noelle.

::: "The Look" :::
CHILD: What are you staring at?!
PARENT: You. :-)
CHILD: *Why??*
PARENT: Because I love you so much...
   I'm just... amazed!  I never knew I had so
   much love in my heart... I feel so blessed...
   I'm so happy that you're in my life... I just
   want to savor this moment . . . .  I want to
   burn it in my memory... I want to remember
   it whenever I feel disconnected from you,
   because this Love is so powerful that there's
   no hurt it can't heal! Even if I sometimes
   forget, this Love will always be here...
   Right here in my heart...
   I will always, *always* love you!

Today -- for no reason at all -- let your heart
bust open and give your child "The Look."
You need not say a word: The Look says it all.
Re-read the dialogue above and imagine you're
the *child* -- on the receiving end of The Look.
Or stand in front of a mirror and give *yourself*
The Look.
Isn't it delicious to be seen through the eyes
of Pure Love?

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