martes, 17 de abril de 2012

The Daily Groove - Scott Noelle.

Este me ha gustado especialmente. Eso de sentirnos culpables es verdad que es más bien cultural y no una reacción natural.

THE DAILY GROOVE ~ by Scott Noelle

:: Detoxifying Parental Guilt ::
Are you plagued by guilt whenever you fall short of
your parenting ideals? Such guilt may seem a natural
response, but it's not...  It's *cultural*.
Our culture conditions people to believe that their
worth depends on their behavior, so that when your
behavior is "wrong" you doubt your self-worth, i.e.,
you feel guilty.
But if you knew absolutely that you *are* worthy of
love and respect -- *unconditionally* -- you'd never
feel guilty. You'd simply feel "off" whenever your
behavior was out of alignment with your values.
That "off" feeling would be a welcome sign that you
need to adjust your course. And with your self-worth
beyond dispute, you'd be confident in your ability to
get back on track.
So next time you feel parental guilt, say to yourself,
"This has nothing to do with my inherent worth --
that's a given. I made a mistake, but I can learn from
it. I got a little lost, but I'm finding my way."

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